Welcome to All That I Am Podcast where we discuss the art of thriving in all areas of life with grace, strategy, and balance. Through this podcast, I share the tools and knowledge I have gained as a balance strategist by managing marketplace, ministry, marriage, and motherhood. Each week, a guest expert, who has also learned the art of balancing and becoming, will join the conversation to share her wisdom.

My goal is to empower, encourage, and uplift women from all walks of life to be UNSTOPPABLE.

So grab your favorite notebook and pen because CLASS IS IN SESSION!

This week, the one and only, Alexandria Ward, joins the classroom to discuss the process of using our faith to LEAP into the unknown.

In this episode we discuss:

+ Faith and how we can intentionally build it

+ What to do when you hear God’s instructions and they do not make sense

+ How to maintain faith when the leap may not go as expected
 & so much more!

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