January 22, 2021


Always, always consider your source!!!

Where is their fruit? Have they been proven? Have they been approved by God? Where are their results? Do they have integrity?! What are their credentials? I’m not going to my friend to get a prescription for my sickness and she is not a doctor or specialist in that area! It could actually make me worse!

It’s hard for someone to take you to a place they’ve never been or mastered!

In school we could only use sources that were credible, in fact, if we used a non-credible source (even if the information sounded good) we would run the risk of failing and have to redo the assignment.

Could it be that you keep finding yourself in the same place, taking the same test because you didn’t take the time to examine your source?!

So again, ALWAYS, ALWAYS consider your source!!

– Vivian

All that I Am

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